slutty confessions

leave me your slutty confessions ya sluts!

Anonymous: My ex used to sneak me through the window and we'd fuck all night. In the morning we'd fuck, then sneak me into the shower for another round. He's the only guy I've been with who can keep up with my sexual energy.


Anonymous: Is it weird that I'm only really attracted to older guys??

Nope, everyone has preferences

Anonymous: me & my boyfriend were cuddling on his tiny ass couch in the basement, & he turned to me & started kissing me so hard & kissed down my neck so hard, left terrible hickies, kissed & licked my hips, my inner thighs, I was so horny. Then he put his hands in my shirt & grabbed & kissed my boobs & left hickes all over them. Then he shoved his hands in my pants & I stuck mine in his & grabbed his huge dick, & he was about to rip my pants off til his dad came downstairs. I was so pissed but omg so hot.

God damnit dad

Anonymous: (16f) not really a slutty confession more like i've really not done anything and i wanna give my boyfriend head but like im so completely a virgin and so is he and really all thats happened has been like handjobs and fingering which is the first time even doing like anything sexual for the both of us but i just dont know how to give head and i know he wants me to and i doNT KNOW

trust me, it’s not as hard as it may seem! if I were you, I would maybe watch videos of someone doing it (if you’re comfortable with that) but don’t watch like a crazy porn star one or anything, you don’t have to do anything special or crazy for him to feel good. :) hope that helps

Anonymous: I fucked my step brother... is that legal ?

hahahah i’m honestly not sure

Anonymous: so I met this boy on holidays, my family became friends with his, and I really found him attractive and one night he added me on snapchat and we were flirting and next day he told me to go to his room, he started kissing me and we got naked (then his older sister came back from the pool, we got dressed quick haha) and when we convinced her to go back down to the pool we kissed loads and then gave each other head and he sucked on my boobs and we kissed a lot, pretty good holiday;)

sounds like a fun time!

Anonymous: my bf (m17) and me (f15) were cuddling on the sofa when i suddenly fell asleep. i didn't want to fuck or sth so i pretended to be asleep as he tried to wake me up. so few minutes later i woke up to a slick sound and it was him masturbating and i got so horny that i couldn't hold back anymore and we ended up fucking while i'm on my period.


Anonymous: I was horny last night and somehow I (f15) ended up at me ex (m17) house and I'm not sure how it haooened but I gave him head, he fingered me, and we 69nd naked without him putting it in cuz we didn't have a condom. My tits are covered in hickies omg

Damn 😛

Anonymous: did you have sex when you were 13?

Hahaha no I did not

Anonymous: Although I'm straight I want to kow what it feels like to eat and to be eaten out by a girl

Don’t we all