slutty confessions

leave me your slutty confessions ya sluts!

Anonymous: ok so last night I had a BBQ/Garden party for my birthday and all the boys that were in my old school came, I got drunk and sat on one of the boys' laps and we got dared to kiss so we did (a few times) then I got a blanket over us and I ended up giving him a hand job under the blanket infront of everyone and no one noticed and then when they were leaving he kissed me goodbye and then his best friend came and kissed me because he's always wanted too and he thought he was my only kiss that night😂


Anonymous: I sleep in just boxers. I was at a sleepover recently and I woke up with the sheets only covering my legs, and crazy morning wood sticking out of my boxers for all to see and who comes down the stairs to wake us up but my friend's mom! She just stood there in shock, her jaw dropped and she turned around and walked away apologizing. My friend was still asleep so he didn't know.

Hahahaha oh god

Anonymous: Last night me and one of my best guy friends(my boyfriends best friend 😁) got drunk together and i got so shit faced but he wasn't the drunk and he was like "taking care of me" so i wouldn't get caught. Well i was laying on the couch and he was sitting on a different couch and i said i was lonely so i came over and sat next to him and like cuddled up to him, well i ended up grabbing his dick and giving him a handjob lol i wanted to go further but he stopped me.... Thank god


Anonymous: There's this place where everyone in my town goes to smoke in the middle of the woods and my boyfriend and I Got high as hell and fucked right there We threw the condom I the bushes best sex ever ... A few days later we were there with our friends aw it & he said what kind of sick person would have sex here! We couldn't stop laughing

Hahahaha ya nasties😉

Anonymous: Once i snuck out to go to a boys house and I have him a hand job on his trampoline and my friends were on it with us.


Anonymous: I was drunk and at a sleep over thing and I just wanted do this guy but I have a boyfriend and my friend was keeping us separate and I just feel really guilty for wanting to fuck him.

We can’t control who we want to fuck 💁 and at least you didn’t actually fuck him, right? :)

Anonymous: ok so last night this guy I'm seeing text me asking if I'd go to the gym with him to give him motivation, but it was like 11 pm so all the gyms were closed but he had a key to the one he used to work in, so we went to that gym after hours, were the only ones there obvs and I made him take his shirt off cos he looked fit and I ended up giving him a blowjob in the empty gym after he started feeling me up because we were both really turned on, not even sorry;)

That’s actually sweet 💪

Anonymous: This isn't extremely slutty but anyways, my bf was staying over at my place for the first time. We made love for the first time (amazing!!) After that he went to get something out of his pants and it was a ring! He proposed!! I said yes of course! :)


Anonymous: I sent in a confession a while back about giving a hand job on the marching band bus after a performance, well, once again it is marching band season! me and my best friend are both planning on giving a handjob on the band bus next week after our parade we're marching in! this is the same performance as last year when I gave the handjob. we've made this a tradition! wish us luck!

Hahahaha classic! Good luck! 😘

Anonymous: my best friend and i snuck out to hangout with these guys and they picked us up and took us to a big park and i walk away with the guy i was talking too and left my prude friend with the other guy and hoped she would finally get some action. we were walking in the park and talking and the next thing i know he picks me up and lays me down on the grass and fucked me right then and there and it was amazing, i had to walk back to the others pretending that i didn't just have the most amazing orgasm.