slutty confessions

leave me your slutty confessions ya sluts!

Anonymous: I consider myself poly (I don't mind group or open relationships) & i'm in one but he's the opposite. Not gonna lie I always fantasize about having a threesome with my current boyfriend and my ex. oops. If they were ever into that I would not mind one bit, sadly that won't ever happen lol

Yeah too bad eh :(

Anonymous: the only thing i remember about last night party was getting fucked doggystyle from a guy with a huge cock. now my pussy is sore and i want more of the huge cock.

Sounds like a good party!

Anonymous: try a 3some before ? if you did how was it ?

No I have not

Anonymous: I'm pretty sure I (f15) just sexted someone for the first time... ahah


Anonymous: Heyy can you give me good lesbian porn sites? omg i love it so much. I think that im straight. I have made out with 8 different guys and want to do so much more with them. But i just LOVE lesbian porn and i want to make out with a girl SOO BADLYY. i dont know what should i do. I want someone to like my pussy so bad it looks sooooo deliciouss. I dont care if a guy or a girl does it. I just want it so bad. Can you give me a link so i can continue watching what i love? Thanks.

Well I’m not really an avid lesbian porn watched but I guess give pornhub a gander hahah I dunno

Anonymous: the last guy you fucked, was he a fwb or a one time deal ?

Hmm future hookups are possible but for now a one time deal I guess

Anonymous: My ex/best friend is in town and we ended up cuddling and making out in a park behind my house for 6 hours and by the end he was rubbing my stomach then started rubbing my boobs and we were making out like hard core but we had to leave so we sat up but I pounced on him and made out really hard and he started working his hand down rubbing me but we had to go because I was already late but it was so freakin amazing because when we dated we never did anything at all besides kiss/make out.

6 hours is a long time

Anonymous: What does cum taste like? I imagine it being freakin disgusting.

It doesn’t really have that strong of a taste I find, and I personally don’t think it’s very salty like most people say… Yeah it’s pretty gross. But not terrible!

Anonymous: Had a drunk 3some with my ex and her friend. I ended up cumming in her friend and we weren't using condoms. My ex got super pissed and things went

Aweeee shiiittt

Anonymous: I think I want to fuck my boyfriend's best friend & that's a problem..

Maybe reconsider how you feel about your boyfriend