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leave me your slutty confessions ya sluts!

Anonymous: sex SHOULDNT hurt, it means there is a lack or arousal

Or you’re tight

Anonymous: Me and my boyfriend decided to have sex for both of our first time this weekend. It hurt like hell!! But he went really slow and kept saying "it's okay. You're okay. It'll be okay. It's okay. I love you. It's okay. You're so beautiful" over and over again and I was like crying but he just held me close and told me it would be okay. Then we took a snack break and went back to his room and fucked again. It was amazing 😍

Awee good

Anonymous: My girlfriend pulled down my pants and saw my unerect penis for the first time and told me that it was already bigger than her ex's... I don't think she realized that her ex was one of my best friends! That's how I found out that one of my best friends has a small dick

Good job

Anonymous: Any tips on how to make your fist time less awkward?

Do it with someone you’re comfortable with and can laugh a lot with cause it will be awkward no matter what, but it will be better if you both can just laugh things off :)

Anonymous: My friend is kinda pervish but every time he hugs me he picks me up and rubs my pussy through my pants and it makes me really horny but I don't like him at all but also kinda wanna fuck him just cause

Do it

Anonymous: me n my bf were over at his house m we were in the family room and his parents were in the kitchen and started to make out then he started fingering me and his dad happened to walk in but thank got there was a blanket


Anonymous: So I (f14) was spending the night at a friends and this guy that wanted to hook up with me came over. I sat next to him on the grass and he just started intensely making out with me. It was just us two. Then he got on top of me and ripped off my leggings and started fingering me really hard (it hurt)! He took my bra off and sucked on my tit and kissed me and over the neck. Then we continued to make-out and he was still fingering me...


Anonymous: Went to a party last night and got fingered while I had my hands down his pants pinned against a wall in the garden by some guy I had intense eye contact with all night. Then as he was kissing my chest he broke my dress, and was so rough and hot. the chance of getting caught made it so exciting

sneaky sneaky

Anonymous: Today I went over to my boyfriends house and his whole family was home. Most of the time we were making out. He fingered me and after his sister walked in. Once she left we started to go under the covers and he was fingering me so hard I came and I was giving him hand. I was about to go down &suck his fat cock when his sister walked in again. She didn't catch us thank god. And we almost fucked; he almost ate him out but I didn't let him.


Anonymous: Since yesterday was April fools day, I was talking to this girl who has seen my penis before and I told her something embarrassing happened: over the last week I noticed that my penis got an inch shorter each day. I sent her a picture of a one inch penis and told her that it was mine and she felt so bad for me. Then I sent her a picture of my real penis (which is 8 inches long) and surprised the shit out of her, she actually thought that my dick shrunk :P