slutty confessions

leave me your slutty confessions ya sluts!

Anonymous: Should having sex for the first time be special? And does it hurt?

Depends what you’re into and depends on the person. For me it was not special and it hurt hahah but I don’t regret it so yeah just depends on what the person wants

Anonymous: ever had a one night stand ? if so who/where/how ?

Yeah cause I’m super hot

Anonymous: do you have more then one fwb?


Anonymous: Only if anon I want a lesbian FWB so after school she can come over and eat me out Or In school ;)

Oh lala

Anonymous: do you prefer fwb or bf right now and why ?

Honestly it depends on the guy I’m talking to. Right now probably just fwb because my next year of school is going to be extremely busy but if I really liked a guy I would make time for him hahah #imsoft

Anonymous: me and my best friend both hooked up with the same guy (before we were friends) and sometimes we just swap stories about how weird and tiny his dick was, like he made up a story about having a tumor on his dick and having to get it removed and that's why it looked so weird. He lied about that, but I'm pretty sure that says something about how weird it was😂

Hahahaha classic

Anonymous: when was the last time you had sex ? how was it ?

Like a week ago and it was sweet

Anonymous: So today yesterday July 23 , was my 16th birthday & my best friend & this guy who I'm really close with (who I gave a bj to) came over & we were home alone & I don't know how but we ended up blowing him & he was like woah when I finished. We then gave him handjobs with my moms lotion 🙈 my mom came home probably 10 minutes into the handjob so we jumped. Put the lotion away dried our hands off & he put his penis away but the boner was so noticeable. Thankfully my mom didn't check up on us !

Yeah thank god

Anonymous: I like to tease my boyfriend when he's on the phone with people and he does it to me too. It's mean but sexy. Like his mom will call him and he has to try so hard not to moan because I'll be giving him a hand job or something. It's great :)

Hahahah that’s actually sweet

Anonymous: does sizes matter to you ? whats the biggest dick you had?

Not always, if they aren’t particularly big but are really good in bed it’s better than a guy with a huge dick that isn’t good in bed