slutty confessions

leave me your slutty confessions ya sluts!

Anonymous: So I (f16) work at a pizza shop as the head maker and we got a new manager (m21). We started flirting and he offered to take me to work one day when I couldn't get there. So anyways we got there early and we sat in the car talking, next thing we were making out and i gave him head and he fingered me. We then ended up making out some more only to be interrupted by one of our co-workers who saw us in the car. Talk about an awkward shift :3

Hahah that would be very awkward! Lucky you

Anonymous: i been with 10 guys and im only 17 many guys you had sex with ?

A few hahahah

Anonymous: Should you spit or swallow like idk?😂 *pls keep on anon*

Well I swallow but I know lots of girls find it gross. Some girls won’t even let a guy finish in their mouth. So whatever you prefer or are comfortable with really, and don’t think “well if I don’t swallow they won’t enjoy it” or something like that because by giving them head you are already doing them a favour! Hahah

Anonymous: I was at my half cousins house and he got really touchy and flirty and then we ended up fucking twice on the couch and once on the bed before I went home at the end of the week and I have never screamed somebody's name so loud in my life

Oh you

Anonymous: I had sex with my cousins best friend at his birthday party hahs oops not even sorry 😎


Anonymous: You're actually very boring when responding to the stuff you get. Hmm.

I like to think that this blog is more about the messages I receive and less about the way I reply to them

Anonymous: Constantly horny I swear I can play with my pussy all day, don't ever get bored of cumming over and over again. Maybe a little wet writing this out.

Fun stuff

Anonymous: I just found that my crush is in to bondage


Anonymous: I (f16) was at my girl's (f18) house-we weren't dating but we were basically an item-we fucked ALL NIGHT LONG. The next day I went to lunch with my friend (m16) and I was sad and vulnerable. He took advantage of that and kissed me, so then we made out. Then that night I went to my younger friend's (f14) house and one thing led to another, I ended up going down on her. All this in two days. I feel like such a bad girl omg.

Look at you go! 😈

Anonymous: To the anon who had sex with their step brother: yeah its legal. You're not actually related, so it's cool, as long as you're both over the age of consent (16 in the state of Alabama but idk the age in other places)

Haha cool thanks anon :)